Private Workshops​​

​​Private workshops are designed for those companies with multiple designers in need of training. They can be held at your location or we can arrange a location. We offer three+ day workshops depending upon your needs. We can even divide it into two different workshops, so your whole staff can attend. Each attendee will receive the ProKitchen training book.

The host, if using their location, will need to supply the following:
  • Adequate training space with enough room for the attendees and equipment
  • A computer with ProKitchen for each attendee (we can help get trial versions of the program)
  • A wall or projection screen where the instructor's screen can be displayed

The typical cost for a private workshop is $400.00 per workshop day (minimum three days), plus expenses such as airfare, car rental, lodging, food ($40.00 per day), training books and any other necessary expenses.

Note: If we are supplying the space the host only needs to provide the computers for each attendee, however there will be additional cost for the training space.

Please see the workshop content here.

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"I had used 20/20 for almost 20 years, left the industry for a couple of years and came back to ProKitchen. Found I have some holes in my knowledge. This class has filled in the holes... Great class.

Dale Reynolds - The YK Design, OR