ProKitchen Software Stand-Alone​​
Version Download Instructions ​​

The ProKitchen Stand-Alone version is available for those attending a live training workshop, since we never know how the internet will be at the host hotel. We recommend only using the stand-alone version during the workshop, since it has to be manually updated where the online version is automatically updated.

Note: Installing the Stand-Alone version will give you access to the program for 14 days, so please download it 10 days or less before the staring date of the workshop.

To install the ProKitchen Stand Alone Version make sure the ProKitchen On-Line version is not running. Also stop any Antivirus and Firewall until the program is downloaded and installed.
Download and install these ProKitchen requirements if you do not have them:
Java – – the site will select the appropriate version for your computer
Adobe Acrobat:              
Adobe Flash:                    

Note: You may need your Login Credentials: (these are provided by ProKitchen when you  purchased). If you don't have them and they are needed please contact your ProKitchen Sales Representative that you purchased the program from.

2. Make sure the Software toggle is blue 

3. Click the type of download (PC or Mac). 

4. The download will start as a typical download.

5. Once the program is downloaded check the "Downloads" file in your computer and look for the downloaded ProKitchen file.

6. Click the prokitchen file                                     to start the download. This download typically takes 20 minutes to an hour, depending on your internet speed.

7. Once the program is installed the program will open, however you will still need to complete the latest update.

​8. Go back to the ProKitchen Software downloads page a use the updates toggle

9. Click the type of download (PC or Mac). 

​10. Once the update is downloaded check the "Downloads" file in your computer and look for the downloaded update.

​11. Click the update file to start the download (make sure the ProKitchen program is closed before installing the update.

12. Once the update is complete open the program and check what version you're on. 

13. Click the "Cancel" button, click the "Home" menu on the top menu bar, select "About ProKitchen" and make sure you are on version 10.0.1.

Installing the lighting, furniture and decorations catalogs:

1. With the program open click the lighting button          .  The download should automatically start.

Once the download is finished do the same thing on the Furniture          and Decorations          buttons.

Installing a manufacturers and/or appliance catalogs.

1. Make sure your computer is online when you open the program.

2. Click the "Catalogs" dropdown and scroll down to the catalog (shown in light gray), click the catalog, click the "Install" button. Repeat for any catalog you would like downloaded.

Note: During the workshop we will use the "Classic" settings.
If you have any questions or need help with installing the program please contact ProKitchen Software Support at 616-524-5243 Ext. #2.


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Kevin Smallhorn - Kitchen For Your Family, FL