"This class is invaluable to learning how to efficiently run PK. Greg is an awesome instructor who really cares about making sure everyone understands the topics he's teaching. And the added value of the training book helps immensely when you get back to your showroom. This class is absolutely worth the time and money, even if you already know the basics. There is still a lot to be learned from Greg."
Devin Greenway - Highland Remodeling and Construction, WA

"I have owned ProKitchen for over a year and wish I had taken this class sooner. I really feel like I can use the program so much better and  I feel like I will be able to make much better use of the program and much faster. I would highly recommend Greg's class to anyone who owns ProKitchen software. If you make the investment in the program make the investment in learning it as well." 
Kevin S Smith - Kevin Smith and Sons LLC, FL

"I tried before to learn the program with the tutorial and after two or three hours I quit. This training is 100% necessary to feel confident and start with the right foot. Thank you Greg, you really know how to teach the training step by step."
Erwin Meinhardt - International Closet Center, FL

"I had no prior experience before workshop. Greg did a wonderful job covering a lot of material in a short time, making it easy and comfortable to understand. I feel confident that I now can use what I learned at class and having the training book that I can take my contractors business to the next level....... I highly recommend the workshop for any one from beginners to someone experienced, lots of wonderful short cuts to cut down design time."
Michael Kapkowski - Kapkowski Construction, FL

"I've been in the business for over 11 years and have had ProKitchen for the last year, the workshop helped me learn things I never knew the program can do. It's making me be a better designer/builder and giving our shop the upper hand when it comes to client satisfaction. Thank you very much for spending your time to help me advance in what I love to do." 
Christopher Helrigel - Decker's Rock and Roll Countertops, FL

"Greg was a wonderful trainer. The pace was great, the workbook has been a helpful tool. I left the training wanting to learn more. Best training I have ever attended!"
Beth Babcock - Cabinets & Design by Cozette, WI

"From new to design or drafting to CAD jedi, Greg will make this program work better for you and your company!"
Ben Womick - Hotel Tops USA, SC

"I was self taught and frustrated with my lack of usability with PK. After this course, my next design went down from 2 days to an hour and a half. Tasks that slowed down my design process and gave me headaches were "a ha" moments in class. This class is a must if you are serious about this software, your business & career."
Andy Collier - Designer Wholesale Kitchen, TN 

"This was an incredible opportunity and learning experience. Although I had been working on the program for 2 years it taught me things to utilize the tools better and faster. It will not only save me time in the design process but take my business to a new level ! Gives me the ability to do far better presentations then in the past and a new level of confidence in selling myself and my product. Thank you Greg!"
Leigh Ann Mauel - LeighLook Designs, NM

"This class has helped me increase time spent in the design process. Greg explained everything well and provided help when needed."
Dennis Fesenmeyer - Don's Custom Countertops, CO

"I attended the Orlando training and thought it was the best training I ever attended. I have attended many training over the years (unrelated to Kitchen Design but in the Tech field) and Greg is hands down the best trainer I have learned from. His training style was very thorough, clear (so that someone like me who is new to the kitchen business could understand), patient and well-paced with all the necessary hands on training. It was a lot of material to cover in 2 days but Greg manages to left me feeling proficient enough to go out and start using the program. I would highly recommend this workshop/ training!"
Sandra Lyons - Kitchen Tech, Inc., MA

"Greg is a great trainer. I couldn't believe how much I learned during this seminar. Can not praise Greg enough. Thank you very much!"
Colin Rogers - Tampa Bay Kitchen and Bath, FL

"Very patient with questions. Thorough training and made sure there was an understanding. You definitely know the program and more importantly you know the industry. I spent 3 days and found it very valuable and without question I will make more money. My background is construction building and sales. I am def not computer savvy but this was easy and so helpful. Thank you so much. Def recommended!"
George Lane - Sandia Kitchen and Bath, NM

The workshop was exactly what I needed to help me on my way to Prokitchen proficiency! Greg is an excellent trainer and his skills with Prokitchen are unparalleled in the industry. I had been using Prokitchen for nearly a year, designing kitchens and bathrooms, before attending this workshop. It's amazing to me how many design hours ​I could have saved myself if I'd had the knowledge Greg provided during this workshop. (I highly recommend the workshop as it affords ample time to dive into more complex features and tools of the program.) Thank you Greg!

I DEFINITELY recommend this workshop to anyone who is serious about using Prokitchen to help them design ANY room in the house. The functionality is almost limitless, and learning the best way to get the most out of this program is priceless.
Glenn Smith - Full Measure Kitchen and Bath, NM

"I attended a ProKitchen training seminar in Tampa, Fl to assist me with learning the "ins and outs" of the program and to better my interior design capabilities in using this software.

The course and instructor were brilliant! The course instructor, Greg was very warm and welcoming and made you feel at ease from the get go. His presentation and practice exercises really gave you a sense of how the software would work in the "real" day to day working environment. 

Until this point, I was not sure I would be able to master, but now having taken Greg's course, I feel I have a better understanding of the program and I'm more at ease (most days) in preparing my drawings for presentation to my clients for their interior design needs.

By taking this extensive course training, I also received an excellent training manual and USB to refer to when I need a refresher on how to implement a certain element. The book, aka my "bible" and the USB have become invaluable tools for my interior design business.

I'm grateful I took Greg's course and would highly recommend it to anyone who learns better by hands on training. Greg's the best and he will guide you through every step of the way and your self esteem and company will reap in the benefits for many days ahead."
Lisa O'Brien - Interior Designs, PA

​​“I appreciated Greg's vast knowledge and his easy going training style very much. I would highly recommend his training courses for anyone interested in becoming proficient at ProKitchen.”
Kevin Kelleher – Cabinetry Concepts & Design, MT

“It was great and I was able to apply the hours there toward my CEU's for my CKD. Greg you should let any NKBA members know that.”
Robert Oklaoek – Superior Kitchens, FL

“This was the second training and design class I have attended, and the first advanced class. I was glad to get the refresher on the original class, and the new things that have been added since the first class. The advanced class answered a lot of questions that have come up in the last couple years that I have been trying to figure out on my own. Greg makes it so easy and fun to learn. I would definitely attend this class again, and I highly recommend it to anyone using Pro Kitchen software.”
Larry Mangrum – Valley Construction Services, AZ

“Overall there was a lot of good information that has proven very useful.”
Travis Halterman – Mount Vernon Building Center, WA

“Greg was very good at going back or coming over and going into more detail when we needed it.”
Chris Oliver – Ritter Lumber, TX

"This class is worth your time and money. If you buy ProKitchen, you must take this class" It will help your business and you by increasing your productivity."
Kevin Smallhorn - Kitchen For Your Family, FL

"I can't imagine trying to learn this program without this intensive program. Greg really took the time to ensure we got all the information necessary to work on our own."
Tracy Blitz-Newman - Carol Tracy Design, LLC, MD

"This was awesome! I have not used the design program before. I now feel very comfortable with being able to use this."
Mary Jack - Metro Cabinet Company, FL

"Everything was great. All the gaps in my knowledge got filled in. Many of the things I learned will speed up my design process and add value to my presentations."
Craig Lion - Lion Designs Inc., ME

"The trainers were very professional. They were extremely patient and gave us a lot of valuable information. When I was struggling with the program the trainers kept it light and interesting. I have a new confidence in my designing abilities and look forward to using ProKitchen more often. Great seminar. I would highly recommend it."
Carl J DeVenio - Admired Kitchens and Design, NJ

“I came to the training workshop after two years of experience with ProKitchen and I learned so many things that really helped to perfect my designs. So worth my time and money.”
Lindsey Stetson – Westminster Design Center, MD

​"Greg did an excellant job presenting the product to me. My computer background and hands-on experience with ProKitchen was zero. At the end of this seminar I feel confident designing a kitchen with gingerbread from start to finish."
Lou Hogan - Vintage Wine Cellars Of Maryland, MD

"For the novice to advanced designer to create new skills to brush up on basics. A must for all that use ProKitchen. Thanks guys... great seminar and needed training."
Norman Downes - Advanced Kitchen Innovations, NJ

“Explicitly, Greg Stohler teaches ProKitchen training and design with expertise and patience. The basics plus multiple design refining techniques complete his time-worthy seminar.”
 Jim Springsteel - Safe-Ko Kitchens & Baths, WY

"I just wanted to praise you a little for the training you conducted in Orlando, Florida. I'm blown away at how much I have retained! I have already completed a handful of designs for customers and they are astonished to say the least."
Riley Page - Ambassador Kitchens, FL

"I would highly recommend ProKitchen training. Greg does an outstanding job of teaching, The class is well paced for the beginner & advanced user alike. Thank you for all your help."
Mike Davis - TMT Remodelers, OR

"The seminar was very informative. I learned many new aspects of the program and look forward to using it to its highest capability."
Stephanie Buranzon - Bently Interior Design, CA

"I had used 20/20 for almost 20 years, left the industry for a couple of years and came back to ProKitchen. Found I have some holes in my knowledge. This class has filled in the holes... Great class."
Dale Reynolds - The YK Design, OR

"This is a very good class. All questions were answered and Greg was very thorough."
Bo Nelson - Plumbline Kitchens Baths Cabinetry, NV

"The proKitchen training team was fantastic to learn from. the class was great all around... Perfect pace."
Mike Ayala - Design Concepts, NV

"Training was excellent. Will recommend it to others."
JoAnne Branch - OC Remodelers, CA

"Everything I learned on your 2nd and 3rd day is beneficial. They will increase the look of my designs and save me time. Everyone needs to do a class when the buy ProKitchen."
Dwight Killman - West Georgia Design Build Inc., GA

​"Greg is a very good teacher, very easy to understand and takes the time to make sure everyone understands."
David Gladfelter - Colorado Kitchen Distributors, CO

"Much better than ever expected!!  Excellent explanations throughout."
Jeff Jack -  Metro Cabinet Supply, FL